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Financial Revenue Dashboard

This financial revenue dashboard was created for Turner Broadcasting’s financial directors, planners and sales team. It’s purpose was to replace an existing legacy software they had been using that had performance issues as well as vast limitations. The dashboard was the central location of a new financial application that would do several things and the business objectives consisted of the below items.
Real-Time Monitoring

This tool needs to visually track, analyze and display metrics for various divisions and networks within the organization in real-time.

Easy Interface

The users wanted a simple and attractive interface they can easily understand and manage.


As the company continues to grow so will their revenue and financial planning needs. This application needs to be able to continue to evolve.


Since there will be multiple users with various needs, this tool needs to be customizable based on their requirements.

What I Delivered

Understanding the Problem

I came into this project a year after it had already been in development. The short story is that the stakeholders had a previous effort already done that was led by the development team making all UX and design decisions without any designers or UX’ers. As a result, their efforts failed and the users had given a long laundry list of things they hated.

Based on the negative feedback the team had previously received, I used that information to put together a research strategy and move forward.

Interview Survey Questions

Conducted one on one interview survey question study with the users to find out additional pain points and goals.

Moderated Remote Testing

Had users perform daily tasks with the current legacy software to capture recorded sessions.

Compiled Affinity Diagram

Because there were a number of users with different purposes, I created an affinity diagram to visually categorize all the opinions, information, problems and potential solutions.

Overall Research Results

The research results were clear enough to give me a strong direction to move in and begin planning the next steps.

Users Unsatisfied

After the moderated remote testing I concluded that a majority were either confused or limited with the current application.

Mobile Needs

Almost half of the users mentioned they’d like to use the application in the field. This was a huge demand by the sales team.


A lot of the users made strong use cases for why the application needs to be as flexible as possible with customization.


Based on the research results, I put together a few common user personas that fit the typical categories we were targeting. The financial planners and the sales team. The financial planners would be primarily using the desktop version of the application from their offices on multiple large monitors while the sales team would be out in the field using mobile devices.

Wireframing & Prototyping

I created some basic wireframes based on the data I had gathered. This was to get an initial framework defined and to make sure I was capturing all the most important features that the users needed.

Dashboard Core Functions

  • Top navigation with global features (search, actions, login, title, etc)
  • Vertical navigation with most common uses and ability to scale as application expands
  • Each left navigation choice loads different data and leads to a separate workflow
  • Card view with individual actions and CTA that will lead to that data
  • Dashlets are able to be removed and added to fit the user’s needs
  • A pacing grid is able to be turned off and on at the top (something all financial planners requested)

The wireframe and prototype is exactly what I need to get my work done efficiently. I work on the sales projects for Cartoon Network and my needs differ completely from the other divisions so it helps to have the customizable dashlets!

Donna BrooksFinancial Planner, Cartoon Network

The dashboard is a great start and the data is all relevant to what I need to see before going into a pitch meeting. I'm excited to have the ability to get these analytics on my mobile device.

Simon BurwellSales, TNT

Based on the prototype I can tell it puts us light years ahead of what we currently have with the legacy system. I look forward to the final outcome.

Chris DavidsonFinance Director, Tru TV

I look forward to seeing this data on my mobile device. The dashboard is definitely a huge improvement on what we currently have and it's already saved me a half day in time as far as what I need to do on a day to day basis.

Brice PetersonSales Executive, Adult Swim

The mobile version of the application does not have every function of the dashboard — but it doesn’t need to. I did additional research with the sales team in order to find out what the core functions they would need to be effective at their job so that I could help create an MVP for the requirements. Below are a couple of screens from the final design.

How The Project Was Received

Overall both financial planners and the sales team were very satisfied and we delivered the first phase of both the desktop and mobile application on time. Research will continue as well as development. The application was aimed to keep sales and finance connected to the same data in real-time. Each user with admin privileges has the ability to customize their dashboard as they see fit as well as their workflow process.