Healthcare Design Project

These are four design concepts I created for McKesson during the time they ran this particular campaign. I was asked to give them four different looks based on their brand guidelines and each had a different focus.


McKesson Corporation


Pharmaceutical & Health Information Technology


Create print advertisements for existing campaign tied to global initiative.

My Role

Visual design artist
Client Option #1

Patient Focused

This concept was designed to be focused on the patients visually. There needed to be some indication of doctors and technology as well, so the first image at the top shows that.

CLient Option #2

Doctor Focused

The client wanted an option that solely focused on the doctor’s experience. I decided to make the image big and bold enough to coincide with the messaging. The shapes and clean design make it easy to read the body copy.

Client Option #3

Patient & Doctor Focus

In this approach the client wanted a way to highlight the patient and doctor’s relationship. They wanted to show satisfaction and how the brand shapes play into the message.

Client Option #4

Pediatrics Focus

This design was geared toward the pediatrics portion of the campaign. They wanted something simple and straight to the point without distracting from the brand message.