Financial Interactive Quiz

Created for personalization with mobile-first approach & intuitive best in class UX.


First Tennessee Bank


Financial, Banking


Create an online logic based quiz that helps customers choose the best checking or savings account.

My Role

Deciding upon the logic, Research, Stakeholder Interviews, Wireframing, Prototyping

I had to work with the client and our team on business requirements in order to transform that into the logic and mind map.

Jay Carver User Experience Design Atlanta

Creating a mobile-first approach was key since a majority of the users for this website accessed it from their own portable devices.

Vertical Experience

Instead of a horizontal experience, each step transitions downward from top to bottom.

Logic Based Outcome

Questions are based on logic and will populate based on the previous answer, giving the user a personalized experience.

Progress Bar

Progress bar that let's the user know how much more is left.

Dynamic Product Recommendations

Products and services populate based on user's answers.

What We Delivered In Mobile

Based on all research and approved wireframes, we further iterated on the direction we had and created full design comps. Here is the final output.

We created desktop after mobile was approved.