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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Develop best in class web solutions for Pfizer and all of its brand needs.

My Role

Discovery, Research, Concept Work, User Experience, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping
Mobile Immersive Experience

360° Web Experience

Users are immersed in a virtual environment that is based on their specific country, where they can self-navigate various topics. This virtual learning experience is designed to feel welcoming, personalized, easy to navigate and comfortable for each individual. Users start by choosing a broad category that will have its own theme. From there, they can explore that section and choose additional sub-topics of interest to learn about.

The AI Experience

Video, AI & Chatbot Technology

Users will be greeted by an AI host within a video that will ask questions that guide them through an experience answering their questions. This gives users the feeling they’re having a personalized conversation. Any video, downloadable resources, animation or external links will also be available. 

Web Augmented Reality (Web AR)

This user experience is grounded in providing expert COVID-19 advice from an AI presence that is all-knowing yet familiar, reliable and welcoming—like a longtime family physician.

Users will be able to use their smartphones within their own environment/home to engage with this AI host with whom they can identify. The AI host will help users explore the learning center by asking questions. As they navigate the experience, they will see any associated digital elements or 3D objects in their own physical space. 

Redesigning the Xtandi Website

One of Pfizer’s brands is Xtandi.com and we were tasked with doing a redesign. The goal was to optimize the website based on usability, competitive learnings, discovery, and content audits. Our North Star was: How might we instill confidence in XTANDI and help him confidently advocate with his doctor(s) to add XTANDI earlier in his journey?

We also worked on the official Pfizer vaccine website during the pandemic.